LastMile Delivery solution involves the process of planning, controlling and implementing effective and efficient logistics for any product within the supply chain. There are various elements involved in the delivery process including speed, quality and accuracy of the delivery of goods when they reach their final destination. This is where PickFleet helps supervisors gain full visibility of operations through the last mile delivery solution, providing them ease in taking rational decisions.

How does it support decision-making?

Supervisors are under a lot of pressure to achieve their targets, which within supply chain is more often found to be regarding delivering goods within efficient timing. PickFleet acts as a supporting actor within the value chain helping supervisors gain continuous developing insights from the market regarding customer demand, satisfaction and experiences across various industries. However, the support does not end there, PickFleet also provides delivery/driver analytics to logistics supervisors through Last Mile making them more aware of the subsequent concepts within the supply chain.

How does PickFleet make efficient deliveries possible?

Efficient or fast paced deliveries have always been given due significance by every Supply Chain Manager. Similarly, it is also the top priority for PickFleet, which can be seen within the services provided by us. With the Last Mile Delivery Solution, logistics supervisors can always achieve efficient deliveries since our intelligent platform provides analytics that lets you make better and much more informed decisions regarding your logistics routes and vehicles.

How does it help Precise Order Tracking?

Information flow has always been an important factor, not just for the supervisor but also for customers, manufacturers and the whole organization. The traditional delivery services only provide a general indication regarding the location of good show ever, this is where PickFleet introduces its driver tracking system that not only tracks the location of the driver but also of the goods. Hence, the flow of information would be smoother enabling companies to provide information regarding the status of deliveries to the concerned stakeholders.

How is it secure?

In Transportation Logistics Services, security has always been the biggest issue for any supervisor. There is always a considerable risk involved whenever the storehouse manager decides to handover the goods to drivers so that they may deliver them at their destination. However, with the use of PickFleet’s Driver Mobile App, the live tracking feature would provide real time information regarding the location of the driver and goods reducing risk of frauds or theft.  

How is it convenient?

PickFleet makes it convenient for supervisors as the app enables them to reduce costs over automatic delivery analytics gained as these insights become a base for future decisions regarding improvement in logistics. Thus, supervisors, from the comfort of their offices easily get information regarding delivery costs and time meanwhile also identifying gaps within operations that can be reduced to minimize wastage.