We are living in an age, where convenience and efficiency holds great significance in the lives of each individual. The advancement in technology has also increased consumer expectations manifold. Thus, even businesses are more focused towards fast delivery to ensure that their customers’ demand would also be fulfilled efficiently, almost with the speed of light. If we talk about thee-commerce sector where most of the concern is regarding efficiency in last mile delivery, the last couple of years have seen a growth of around 30% in the Business-to-Business sector. Correspondingly, in the Business-to-Customer sector, e-commerce has risen by around 70%. Thus, the focus on last mile delivery is also growing.

How can you reduce last mile delivery costs?

PickFleet, based on research and experience, has identified various factors that can be a source of increase in the last mile delivery cost. Its system involves innovative features that can solve problems regarding last mile delivery by streamlining all the customers operations within your organization. Thus, it makes your last mile delivery rapid, optimized and cost-efficient.

But how? Let’s dive down deeper:


Uber, one of the leading cab hailing company, provides services to almost 60 countries yet manages to offer its services in about a few minutes because of the special algorithms they use, that connect their customers with their drivers instantly. Similarly, PickFleet also uses special algorithms in their mobile delivery app for auto-dispatching which enhances the supply chain by allocating new orders to the Right Driver, at the Right Time, at the Right Place, with Right Quantity and Quality, for the Right Customers.

Optimizing Delivery Routes

The PickFleet ‘Optimize Delivery Routes’ feature optimize the drivers’ routes after considering the factors including:

·      Time Frame

·      Driver Capacity

·      Location

·      Live Traffic Updates

·      Travel Distance

However, the main advantage is that it can instantly change routes for deliveries incase of new orders and simultaneously also inform the driver of the same.

Verified deliveries

The PickFleet drivers’ app gives the supervisor a clearly documented record of the driver delivering the shipment including details such as the manager who assigned the task and the location of shipment delivery.

Offer Real-time Updates

With the Drivers’ App, the customers experience can be taken to the next level as real time updates can offered. In today’s era, customers want to be notified by live updates regarding the status of their order, specifically in thee-commerce sector.

PickFleet is not limited to customers only, it also provides real time updates to managers that can help them make insightful business decisions. With help of Drivers’ App, you can track the following factors:

·      Distance covered

·      Average time

·      Miles covered

·      Completed task

·      Successful deliveries

·      Failed deliveries

These indicators help make better decisions regarding the performance of their logistics operations. In case, if you are also looking for a way to focus your efforts on minimizing last mile delivery costs, then download our Mobile App or contact us on our website.