Can someone differentiate a traditional business from a modern one? Simply put, the answer lies within the technology that they have in use. Modern businesses are more focused towards gathering market insights whereas traditional businesses are still operating on opinions and historical performance.  Similarly, PickFleet ensures to provide you the best through its innovative features within its last mile delivery solution. It increases operational visibility within the supply chain but let’s dig in deeper to understand how exactly does it work.

Increasing last mile delivery’s operational visibility

The self-guiding supply chain logistics, last mile, is already here to provide customer satisfaction. Modern Supply Chain customers are used to being crumbed by companies like Amazon, Ail baba and other major players. They are familiar with exceptional delivery services, irrespective of how hectic operational conditions become at the last mile.

Here, PickFleet manages to do their level best to meet the expectations of their customers regarding increasing complete visibility and control of their last mile operations. This process comprises of an adaptable, customizable delivery dashboard that can effectively communicate any type of information and update executive manager(s). Subsequently, this display update can help logistics managers to make critical decisions in real time.

How is Operational Visibility increased?

Almost everyone has heard of how Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing how various operations work. The scope of Supply Chain Logistics has changed over the past few years, the changing dynamics of retail and manufacturing businesses have resorted towards the use of proactive approaches in order to increase operational visibility so that managers can predict any adverse situation before it arrives.

The main purpose of the last-mile delivery solution is to provide full visibility to businesses regarding their day to day operations. In the production sites there are lot of risks in terms of managing the production cycle without any interruptions in order to ensure timely delivery. Apt completion of handshakes, deliveries, returns and payment cycles is principal in the supply chain. PickFleet ensures that through a digital dashboard, real time data is displayed, communicating important indicators such as:

1.     Locations of Goods and Driver

2.     Travel Distance

3.     Precise Order Tracking

All of these indicators help an executive manager keeping a smooth flow of communication regarding the last-mile delivery operations in place within the logistics chain. Real time data regarding where the driver is, the time spent, delivered address, the driver in charge, manager assigned, order processing stage, the distance travelled and the cost incurred, all provide effective knowledge to the executive managers increasing operational visibility within the whole organization.  Anyhow, in a nut shell, for organizations to improve their operational visibility, newest technology such as PickFleet’s services should be adopted in order to track the operations in real time without the fear of any unnecessary interruptions that might arise.