Delivery drivers are usually at the front end of delivering goods to its final destination, within a supply chain. It is very important for organizations to make it easy and flexible for their drivers to excel at their jobs. By providing convenience to their drivers, customer satisfaction will significantly increase as delivering goods in the best possible condition from the company would directly yield loyalty and satisfaction.

Importance of Mobile App for Delivery of Goods

The previous decade marked technological advancements in operations when it comes to logistics. Subsequently, these advancements have increased the significance of mobile applications in business as well. Mobile phones have made the world quicker where things like food, shopping, grocery and travel etc. are just a click away. Transportation logistics were among the first ones to adopt mobile applications to track drivers and their deliverables. Each logistic procedure within the supply chain requires continuous improvement within their technology to accomplish goals.

For example, the use of IoT fleet tracking enables gaining real time information regarding whereabouts of products and drivers through which businesses can remotely monitor and control their delivery process. It is based on RFID, GPS and OBD II’s to gather realtime data improving future decision making within the supply chain.

Advantages of Mobile App for Product Delivery

A rapid development in every sector demands the use of mobile applications that can be used to improve gross sales, profitability and productivity of any organization. It can further help in improving operational visibility for executive managers in the supply chain. In order to provide you with a brief yet significant list of advantages that a Driver Mobile Application offers, we have compiled the following:

1.     Improving Lead-Time

With the help of a Driver Mobile Application, the overall delivery process becomes faster and smoother, as ‘invoicing’ can even be done on the digital platform. It also provides flexibility in communication with the logistics and headquarters’ team, which helps in saving fuel and cost.

2.     Tracking Vehicles

A tracking system helps to gather insights regarding mileage, location, fuel and time management during the delivery process through using mobile devices, tablets or laptops. Thus, tracking technology enables automatic documentation of Driver Analytics improving future decisions within logistics.

3.     Smart Order Entry

Every internal order can be entered and processed in a very smart way. The user only needs a single mobile application in their devices to access it which can be easily tracked through its different processing stages.

4.     Waste Minimization & Real time Updates

Mobile applications have increasingly become a source of reduction of errors and wastage. Within supply chain logistics, this ability helps to reduce operational costs through real time business intelligence by tracking last-mile delivery. For instance, it can help your head-office know about the whereabouts of their drivers, the distance they covered and the time used. Studies have shown that it minimizes waste up to 70%.