A shipping label, otherwise called a package label, gives many crucial points of information about your package: its origin, its weight, its destination, the name of the carrier, and more. Each shipping label will be used by the carrier and the postal system to identify where the package came from, where it should go, and how it will get there.

 You may be here because you have been contemplating whether or not you should be using shipping labels. Maybe you own a small business and frequently have to send things out, therefore you’re looking for an efficient solution to optimize your shipping process. Let’s talk about why shipping labels are important, and the reasons why you should be using them.

What Is Contained In A Shipping Label?

 A shipping label usually simply contains the key information needed to safely get the package to its destination, like:

 ●     Sender Name & Address

●     Recipient Name & Address

●     Package Weight

●     Unidirectional Code/Maxicode, which can be easily read by machines

●     Postal Barcode, or IMpb code

●     Service Type (shipping method)

●     Routing Number, for sorting purposes

●     Tracking Number, for recipients to track their package.

Why Are Shipping Labels Important?

Shipping label splay an important role in the supply chain that allows your package to get to the right destination. All the essential information about your parcel such as like the address of the receiver, sender, contact information, will be printed on the label. It is thanks to shipping labels that it is possible to track parcel.

Customizing shipping label can offer a great branding opportunity if you’re using it as apart of your business. It can really set you apart from your competitors, and give your products an even more distinctive identity.

If ever the package you have sent ends up getting lost in transit, you’ll only be able to find that information out thanks to the shipping label you created. You’ll therefore be able to quickly take all the steps needed.

Without a shipping label, there’s a risk that your packages might not arrive at their destinations or get back to you if something goes wrong. More than a marketing or persona branding choice, it’s a real security feature to add a shipping label to your packages. We’ve created a free shipping label maker tool that will help you safeguard all the packages you send out.

The Benefits Of Printing Your Own Shipping Labels

Make your packages look professional

Think about the last time you received a parcel from Amazon, or any other huge company. It had a shipping label printed onto it, didn’t it? You want your package’s recipient to feel the same way when it arrives at their home. Make your packages look professional by printing shipping labels every time.

Save on tape

Printing self-adhesive shipping labels will help you save on tape. You won’t need to look for your tape every time you need to send a package. Just feel and stick!

Secure your package with shipping labels

Make sure your package gets to its destination safely, and if it doesn’t, ensure that it has away of getting back to you by using a shipping label. Shipping labels include all the information necessary to the secure transit of your package.

Streamline the process

If you’re in a situation where you send packages multiple times a week, you’ll find that using shipping labels will save you around half an hour a day. Close up your package, then just print, peel and stick the appropriate label, and done! It’s ready to be sent off.

Don’t know how to print your own shipping label? Try our free shipping label maker and include all the important information you need, then hit print!